Description: A continuing education course for qualified radiographers or other health care professionals. You can take the first step in your journey to develop your and other participants’ skills in Hot Lab. You can further develop your competency in a well defined, health care specific context. 

Instruction: There are different type of learning tasks and activities. In every subject  there are videos related to  Hotlab work, and after videos there is a discussion. 

Format: Online studies, study at your own pace.

Language:  English. All the materials of the course are in English. In addition, the overall communication in the course is done in English to make sure everybody can understand each other.

Course available: 16.12.2019->

Certificate: No certificates for guest users.

Rights:  Copyright by Tampere university of applied sciences, (, University of Ljubljana ( and Odisee ( 

Requirements:   Basic internet end-user skills and technical facilities. Readiness to play and test different digital games. Readiness to write short logical reviews and articles on themes related to games.

Cost: Free

Quality assurance: Complies with Tampere UAS, University of Ljubljana and Odisee quality assurance criteria.