Target group: Degree program students at universities of applied sciences

Objectives: You will gain an understanding of your own strengths, and also requirements of your desired profession. You will improve your career planning skills. You will learn to find information and resources to promote your career according to your individual needs. You will significantly improve your job searching skills.

Description: The studies are part of the TUURA project (Tukea urapolulle - Support for Your Career Path)

Language:  English

Extent of studies:  2 ects

Mode of implementation: Blended learning. Most of the learning resources are located on an online learning platform. The studies include personal guidance.

Assessment: Accepted / Requires supplementation / Rejected

Course fee: Free

Implemented by: TAMK, HAMK, SeAMK, Humak

Contact person: Maija Joensuu, TAMK,

Course Status: Not running