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  • Steps in my career path

    You can view and browse the 'Steps in my Career Path' course material here. Unfortunately you cannot do activities or assignments in this open version. In case your institution or organization needs an own intallation of this course, you can order a free Moodle backup package of this course by email: The Moodle main user in your institution can then unpack the material into your own Moodle learning environment.


    During this course you will gain a deeper understanding of your own strengths, and also become familiar with the skills requirements in your profession.
    You will enhance your career planning skills in the context of your lifelong learning. 
    You will learn to search for information and support that will develop your career planning skills according to your individual needs. 
    You will also receive information, training and support for improving your job-hunting skills.  

    Welcome to take steps on your career path!

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