• Tietoa DIGMA-oppimisympäristöstä

    DIGMA on avoin yhteisöllinen oppimisympäristö. Ympäristöä ylläpitää Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu (TAMK). DIGMA sisältää sekä avoimia että kirjautumista vaativia opintokokonaisuuksia. 

    DIGMA-oppimisympäristö on toteutettu Moodle-oppimisalustan päälle. Selaa rohkeasti DIGMAn etusivua sekä Kaikki kurssit -valintaa, ja tutki, löytyisikö sieltä sinulle tai opiskelijaryhmällesi sopivaa aineistoa ja verkkokursseja.

    I kategoriet Energia finns det kurser och material även på svenska.
  • About Digma user accounts

    You don't need a Digma user account to view any open material or OERs.

    In case you want to join a course, kindly check first in the course description, if you match the intended target group of the course. 

    If you are a student or staff in a Finnish higher education institution, you can sign in by using HAKA-service, with your home institution username and password. An individual course may also have a one-time "enrolment key", which you will get from your teacher.

    If your organisation is not a member of HAKA federation, you can create a new DIGMA account for yourself as follows. 

    1. Fill out the New Account form with your details.
    2. A confirmation email will be immediately sent to your email address. In case you can't find the confirmation mail message in your mailbox, check your Spam folder too.
    3. Read your email confirmation message, and click the web link it contains. 
    4. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.
    5. Now, select the course you want to participate in.
    6. If you are prompted for an "enrolment key" - use the one that your teacher has given you. This will "enrol" you in the course.
    7. You can now access the full course. From now on you will only need to enter your personal username and password to log in and access any course you have enrolled in.

    Helpdesk: it-helpdesk@tuni.fi

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