Assignment 1: Mapping your skills and competences

The purpose of this assignment is to help you outline all the skills and competences you have acquired at some instance in your life.
You can do this assignment 1) as a mind map or 2) in any other format of your own choice.

Option 1: Mind map

Create a mind map of your skills and competences. Put yourself in the middle of the mind map, and add different areas of your life as branches around it. Different areas can include, for instance, family, friends, studies, hobbies and work.

Then, consider what competencies you have gained from acting in these different areas of life, and record them on your mind map. You can also illustrate how your competences are related to the degree you are studying. You can illustrate how your skills could benefit you during your studies, and also in your work in the future. Aim at the future: what competences should you strengthen further.

You can use colors, different shapes and symbols in your mind map. You can freely choose the format of your mind map. You can use a pen and paper (take a photo or scan your output, and save your mind map for later use). You can make a mind map as a PowerPoint or Word file, infographics, poster, etc., whatever format best suits you.

You can find various mind map tools online, for example MindMeister and Popplet.

Option 2: Describe your skills in different aspects of life

Choose a format suitable for you (photo, essay, sketch, video, etc.) to describe your skills in different aspects of your life. For instance, demonstrate your compences from the viewpoint of family, friends, opinions, hobbies and work. Outline the skills you have gained from acting in different areas of life. Illustrate also what relation the things you have learnt have to the degree you are studying. You can illustrate how you could possibly benefit from your skills during studies, and in working life. Aim at future, and consider also, what skills you still need to strengthen?

There are free online tools available for this assignment, such as Linoit:

Submitting assignment

Submit this assignment here as a file or as a web link. Only the teachers of this course will see your assignment. You will receive a short feedback from your teacher.  The assignment will be evaluated on a scale "accepted - to be supplemented - rejected".

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