Assignment 3: Summary of your skills and competencies. (Tick the box when finished)

A summary is a short sales pitch of your skills and competencies. Please write a summary of your own competencies by using three earlier mentioned categories  for dividing your skills and competencies in; professional competencies, working life skills and self management skills.

Please combine your skills and competencies to an intersting profile which describes your competencies and goals in working life. Don't forget to show your personality in the summary.

You can add this summary either to your own resume (CV), in the beginning of your LinkedIn - profile or your portfolio. The summary is short, only few sentences. It is important to write the most relevant matters in the beginning of your summary, since only two upper sentences are nowadays shown in your LinkedIn - profile. Please remember to update your summary when you gain new skills and competencies.

Please tell here, where your supervisor/coach can find your summary.

Tick the box when this assignment is finished.