Assignment 4: Make a video CV or write a job application

Option 1: Video CV

Make a video CV presentation of you, your skills and competences to an imaginary employer. You can make the video with a device of your choice like mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, or a storage medium of YouTube or Facebook. Save your video on the internet to a place of your choice. You will find information and hints for making a video from the materials of this course. Submit this assignment here as a web link when your CV is ready.

Option 2: Write a job application

Find a job that you are interested in: either a real job, a job advertisement, another organization of interest or another work place. Make a draft of an imaginary job application to the place of your choice. Use all the material you already made on this course (mapping your skills and competencies, Character Strengths Survey) and familiarize also in the material in section “Towards working life”. From there you will find hints and instructions for writing a job application.

Submit this assignment here as a file or as a web link.

Your submission will be visible to the teachers only.