Assignment 7: Direction to the future: Wrapping it all up!

So far, you have been reflecting your inner self, and you have become aware of your full potential in working life.

You have noticed that whatever you are, all you have learned or will learn, and what you are aiming at in your life affects you. You're never ready. But you are ready to apply for different jobs, and to learn something new.

Now it is time to collect your thoughts into a mind map.

1. You have already made a mind map in Task 1: Mapping your skills and competences. Maybe you created your mind map with pen and paper and uploaded a photo of it. Maybe you applied PowerPoint or Word for your mind map, or maybe you created an infographics or a poster of it.

2. Now bring out this mind map, and complete it with your current added knowledge, skills and dreams. They have surely become more structured during this course. Add into your mind map:

  • Your challenges and dreams for the future, possible postgraduate studies
  • Your specific skills and competences in relation to your (future) job
  • The courses and trainings you have done, and your hobbies
  • Yourself as a member of the (future) work community, considering workplace comfort, collaboration skills, resource utilization, interaction skills and active participation
  • Yourself as an entrepreneur: A business idea, motivation, independence, self-realization and money

3. Save your mind map as a file or photo.

4. Give a link to your mind map, or upload your mind map file in this assignment area.

As soon as you have submitted your updated mind map, this task is completed. Only the teachers can see  your mind map.

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