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Introduce yourself and get to know the other participants

At the beginning of the course it is nice to get to know other students - while networking with future professionals.

Add a new discussion topic and write a short introduction about yourself here, summarizing your skills and yourself. All the participants in this course will be able to ...


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Towards working life Assignment 5: Diverse work community

Working life needs a wide variety of workers. It is in everyone’s interest to unlock the strengths and potentials of people.

A variety of work communities and colleagues will meet you throughout your working life. You will find that there are no two alike. You are somehow ...

Entrepreneurship Assignment 6: Speculation about a company


Speculate with an idea that you are going to set up a company. Answer to these two questions and justify your answers:

  1. What could be your company idea; what is a product or service you are going to sell and how are you going to do it?
  2. Do you want to have a real ...