Discussion about entering the Hot Lab

Try to answer the following questions and let us know about our daily practice:

  • Do you have special changing room before entering the hot lab?
  • Do you enter the hot lab through “filter”? Could you please describe it if you have it?
  • Do you have option to use/wear cap, mask, apron and sterile gloves? If so, how often do wear them?
  • Do you change the shoes before you enter the hot lab?
  • Do you wash your hands in the hot lab or before?
  • In which order do you dress/prepare yourself (cap, gloves, apron, wash hands)?
  • Do you wear lead apron while working in the hot lab?
  • Do you disinfect hands while working in hot lab?
  • Do you wear ring dosimeters when working in the hot lab? How many?
  • Do you wear TLD? If so, where do place it?

We are aware that there are many different situations and that you maybe have some obstacles which don't allow you to perform enter to hot lab as seen on the movies.

Note! You can add a picture or film of your way of working

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