Assignment 5: Diverse work community

Working life needs a wide variety of workers. It is in everyone’s interest to unlock the strengths and potentials of people.

A variety of work communities and colleagues will meet you throughout your working life. You will find that there are no two alike. You are somehow different, special. In fact our difference is an asset, and you will surely blend in.

Equality and non-discrimination are fundamental issues that are responsibility of everyone in working life. Certainly already at the job application stage. There is the Non-Discrimination Act in Finland that we all must adhere to. The law guarantees that no one can be discriminated against.

Get to know the Non-Discrimination Act in Finland:

In this assignment, familiarize first yourself with the following video materials (3 videos) and answer the questions.

Click Watch and Think on the right side of the TedEd videos to complete the tasks.

Video 1

Equality, diversity and inclusion is confessed in Finland as in Britain. Learn the basic of them by watching a video in YouTube: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 

Gwen Glynn: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Duration 3:14 min.

Videos 2 and 3 

Learn about equality with the Department of Justice videos on the TedEd website. (Remember to sign up for TedEd if needed.)

After you have watched the three videos and done the related tasks, write in this forum a summary of your own reflections and ideas on how to achieve equality in the workplace and in the job search phase.

Add a new discussion topic to submit your reflection. Also comment constructively and encouragingly on the thoughts of at least one other student.

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