Game and gamification design glossary

Here you find some of the keywords concerning serious games, game design and gamification.

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Characteristics of the game define what player can do during the game.

Characterizing goal

An additional goal of a serious game in addition to entertainment goal.

Concept demo

An interactive demonstration, a partly implemented game that is used in, for example, presentations and evaluations. The main goal of concept demo is to deliver the main ideas of the game concept. It is also a main tool when seeking funding for the game development.

Concept document

A high-level document with a purpose to deliver the main ideas of the game concept. It is also used when seeking funding for the game development.


Games are built around the conflicts. Depending on the game, solving of conflicts require different things like, for example, intelligence, precision, timing, speed or tactic eye.


The content of the game consists of assets, often designed by artists. Examples of content are avatars, houses, trees, other related objects, and sounds. At runtime, the content is brought to life by the game engine.