Game and gamification design glossary

Here you find some of the keywords concerning serious games, game design and gamification.

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A form of art in which participants, termed players, make decisions in order to manage resources through game tokens in the pursuit of a goal. Games always base on rules which is the main difference between the game and the play.

Game experience

A subjective user experience of the game. Synonym for Player Experience.

Game flow

An experience during gaming characterized by exclusive concentration on the game.

Game jam

A fast-paced group of activities in which small teams develop a game from concept to realization in a very short time such as 48 hours that is the most typical time frame for hackathons.

Game world

An artificial universe, an imaginary place in which the events of the game occur.


A specific way in which players interact with a game.


The concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.

Gamified application

An application that has been developed from the point of view of gamification. Have a look at Gamification.

Gamified learning

Learning that is based on gamification. Have a look at Gamification.


Genre of the game describes how player acts in the game. Examples of game genres are action, adventure, role-playing, strategy, simulation, puzzle, sports and education.


Games usually have goals that are strongly dependent of the game. Different types of goals are, for example, to get points as much as possible or to go through the game as fast as possible.