Independent activity 1

Choose different games: 

  • Entertainment games (mobile, PC, console games PS/Xbox/Wii, Nintendo) 
  • Serious games from different sources
  • Board games / games of cards

Play different games during this course. Choose also the kind of games you don't usually play, or you do not actually like, e.g. games for children or Facebook games. 

You can find free games in shops like Appstore, GooglePlay and Windows Marketplace. You can also find games on Internet:

You can also choose games of cards, board, console and PC games. Remember write down your playing experiences. 

Write down for yourself observations of the games and playing experiences. 

- What game did you play? What type of game it is? What is the objective of the game?

- Did you like the game? Justify your opinion. What kind of thoughts and emotions the did the game evoke? 

- To whom would you recommend the game and why?

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