Brainstorming game ideas

For your serious game choose a theme that you are really interested in. Your task is to create a new game idea which responds to a need. What are the objectives and the purpose of your game? 

You can apply everything you have learned so far, and also find independently more information related to your theme. Brainstorming game ideas can be just relaxed contemplation and recording your thoughts, for instance, in a mindmap or in an image. You can draw a mindmap on paper by hand or use an application,  such as Bubbl.usMindMeister, or Coggle.

When an idea begins to take shape, you can go visually deeper into it by drawing, or by searching for suitable images with the Google images search, or any other photo or image services. 

You can write down the game progression in a "user story" format. In the user story you depict how the player progresses in the game, and you can also describe the progression by using a flow chart.

To conclude it, condense your game idea on the PowerPoint template attached below this activity. Download the template and fill it in with your game data. The game description on the second slide should be quite compact, however, its format is free. 

Instructions on how to apply the Game design canvas are also attached. If any item on the canvas feels difficult to fill in, please do not get stuck to it, but fill in the canvas as far as you can. It is important that you record your ideas up - not whether the cases are placed "in the right box".

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