This activity has two main purposes:

1. To get familiarized and to discuss about different monetization strategies
2. To gather information for the canvas (the final assignment)

There are many ways how to monetize entertainment games but for serious games this topic is much more challenging because the serious game business can be very different compared to entertainment games business. The topic of this discussion is the monetization challenge for a serious game. After reading the monetization sources write your thoughts about different monetization possibilities.

Some of the monetization possibilities are:

- Sponsorship
- Freemium (gated features)
- Free but with advertisements
- In-app purchases (selling physical or virtual goods)
- Paid game
- Paywalls
- Custom order

Advice for the discussion.

Each monetization strategy should be in an individual thread. The first message should describe the main characteristics of the monetization strategy. The next messages (replies) should answer the questions below. You should write at least four messages and one of those can be an individual starting message so you can start a new thread for the monetization strategy in question if there is no such thread yet.

When writing messages you can use the same idea you used in Serious Games Think Tank Forum. You can use other serious games examples as well and you may try to find a serious game that could use a monetization possibility but has not used. Write your findings and thoughts as replies for the starting message.

- Who is the buyer/customer?
- Who are the players?
- How would the buyer/customer pay for the game (monetization)?
- What kind of business the business is (BtoB, BtoC or something else)?
- Is the monetization strategy in question a good strategy for serious game?
- Is there something that makes the monetization strategy of the case more difficult to serious games compared to entertainment games? 

Justify your thoughts.

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