This activity has two main purposes: 

1. To get familiarized and to discuss about different distribution channels
2. To gather information for the canvas (the final assignment)

A game developer should make the game available for customers. In the document about Markets and distribution channels, some digital distribution channels for digital games are introduced. You can study any of them or find some other.

A game developer also makes a contract with a digital distribution channel provider. Usually this contract is not free of charge but a game developer must pay to channel provider.

Advice for the discussion.

Each distribution channel discussion should be in an individual thread. The first message should describe the main characteristics of the distribution channel. The next messages (replies) should answer the questions below. 

You should write at least four messages and one of those can be an individual starting message so you can start a new thread for the distribution channel in question if there is no such thread yet.

At first you need to study different distribution channels:

- Are there serious games available in the selected distribution channel or not? If you find any what search terms did you use?
- If you succeeded to find a serious game(s), what is the target platform(s), genre and application area of the game?
- What are the costs for a game developer to use the distribution channel?

Next you need to think about your own game idea for the canvas:

- What platform and devices will the game be played at?
- How do you sell/distribute the game?
- What are the costs for a game developer to use the distribution channel?
Justify your thoughts.

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