Study the material about pitching: the two videos and at least two articles about sales pitch. Search the articles in the internet. Use the material to make your own mind map about how to create a good business pitch to your game of this course. Upload your mind map in this discussion. You will see the uploaded mind maps 30 mins after you have uploaded yours, because there is 30 mins time for you available to edit your post. 

Use the tool you find most suitable to create a mind map and share it as a picture in this discussion.

Here is some advice to form a mind map of how to create an effective pitch for a serious game. You can start from the following sections:

- The goal of the pitch.
- The structure of the pitch: What do you need to tell? Where to focus? What comes first? etc.
- The audience of the pitch:  Who it could be? How does the audience affect your pitch?
- The methods of presentation to convince and persuade the listener.
- Remember to write sources either in the picture or the message you write.

After you have uploaded your mind map give feedback to fellow students. Write reply message at least two fellow student's mind map. In your comment tell what was that you liked your fellow student's mind map, and one or more recommendations that would make the mind map better. 

When you are choosing to whom to give feedback, please choose a student who has not yet got any if there are such.

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