In this course you need an idea of a serious game which will be submitted as a final assignment in the form of the Game Design Document at the end of the course.  This discussion focuses on the top and middle boxes of the canvas.

Read the document Serious Gaming Demystified to help you to identify what is a serious game, what can be learnt via serious game, what kind of instructional elements there should be in a serious game.

Below there are few ideas for a serious game or a gamified service. Optionally you can write a start for a discussion of your own idea.

- Gardening

- Taking care of my car

- Etiquette in business

- Employee in a new workplace

- To learn mathematics

- Type 2 diabetes treatment

- Where does the food come from?

- How to survive in traffic?

You should add one discussion topic that describes your own idea in the form of Serious Game Canvas (top and middle boxes of the canvas). The canvas is a preliminary version so the descriptions inside the boxes can be quite short at this point. Attach canvas file to your post using the PDF format.

Moreover you should reply to at least three other posts of other students. The purpose of replying is to comment and help fellow students.

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