This discussion continues the previous discussion (Serious Game Canvas). In this discussion you submit a prototype of your game idea. The format of your prototype is free. Format can be a combination of following examples:

- Presentation describing the game based on, for example, drawings

- Video or images describing the game based on paper prototype

- With the help of the application like, for example, Stop Motion Studio mobile application that is available in application stores

- Mockup

- Concept art

- Moodboard

You should add one discussion topic that describes your own game prototype based on the form you used. Attach prototype file or files to your post. If your prototype consists of many files, you can archive those to zip package. If your prototype is based on some application, use screen captures or video. The maximum upload size per one file is 20 MB.

Moreover you should reply to at least three other posts of other students. The purpose of replying is to comment and help fellow students.

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