Study the three gamification documents and do the gamification design of a physical exercise for students. 

People nowadays have too little of physical exercise. One should move at least once an hour. University of Applied Sciences wants to make the students to move and to have physical exercise more. The first year students should also get familiar and make friends with each other. The university authorities assume that students are more willing to take part in lectures and study together when they enjoy their fellow students' companion.

Your task is to define a gamified system to this University of Applied Sciences. Use the design framework introduced in the course.

1. Define business objectives 

What are main goals of the system? Define at least two and justify them. 

2. Delineate target behaviors 

What do you want your players to do? What are the metrics that will allow you to measure them? Define at least four behaviors and ways to measure them. 

3. Describe your players 

Who are your players? What is their relationship to the organization that offers gamificated system? 

4. Devise activity loops 

What kind of loops are the engagement loop and activity loop? Remember, entering in the gamification system must not be forced, see When to use gamification and when not -> self-determination theory. Describe both loops. What would be the easy progression at the start (onboarding) so that players get interested and have fun, too? What kind of challenges (climbing) would you implement so that they produce the engagement loop? See the Game elements -> Mechanics. Describe the onboarding phase.  Describe at least two challenges.

5. Don’t forget the fun 

What is the way to implement at least two funs either from Lazzaro or LeBlanc, see When to use gamification and when not? Justify your choices.

6. Deploy the appropriate tools 

What game elements would you use in this gamification system, what is the good experience of the players, see Game elements? What components would you choose in your gamified system? Have you already described some of the mechanics in the previous chapters? If yes, you don't need to describe them here again. Describe at least three game components to use and justify their use. Describe at least two dynamics of the game.

You should add one discussion topic that describes your gamification idea. The format is free. Serious Game Canvas is an option. Attach your file to your post using the PDF format.

Moreover you should reply to at least three other posts of other students. The purpose of replying is to comment and help fellow students.

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