Preparation of the workspace

The LAF cabinet has to be cleared of any materials from previous preparations. It should be as empty as possible. The cabinet is not the right place to store any medical supply such as needles, syringes, empty lead vials etc. This could block the required airflow in the cabinet.

Turn on the LAF cabinet (ideally 10 minutes before starting the preparation). 

Disinfect gloves. 

Working area and walls need to be disinfected with 70% ethanol. 

Cover the working area of the LAF cabinet with sterile absorbing material.

Before starting the labeling procedure, make sure all supplies are collected.

Collected materials

All supplies you will use in the LAF cabinet should be disinfected with 70% ethanol. 

This includes:

  • Sterile syringes in protective wrapping 
  • 10-ml syringe shield 
  • Sterile needles (sheathed) in their protective wrapping 
  • Needle sheath holder
  • 10 ml vial of sterile 0.9% saline solution 
  • Disinfecting swabs in their protective wrapping 
  • One pair of forceps and one pair of tong
  • Labeling vial 
  • Lead vial shield for the labeling vial 
  • Elution vial with Tc-99m 

Work from left to right or vice versa, but at least make sure you have a 'clean' and a 'dirty' side. Environmental monitoring is crucial to maintain aseptic conditions. Microbiological testing of the aseptic workstation should be performed periodically. Methods can include using swabs or contact plates for surfaces, and settling plates or dynamic air samplers for air quality (EANM radiopharmacy Committee, 2007).

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