Decontamination / cleaning the working area

If any contamination is detected in the working area, the contaminated area should be cleaned with absorbing paper moistened with a cleaning solution.

The cleaned area should then be monitored again to see if the level of radioactivity has decreased or disappeared. If measurable radioactivity is still present, the cleaning procedure should be repeated until the radioactivity has disappeared or, if this does not appear to be feasible, until further cleaning does not reduce the level of radioactive contamination. 

If a high level of contamination remains after this cleaning procedure, the safety officer is contacted to discuss the situation and to decide what measures should be taken (such as covering of the contaminated area with sterile absorbing paper and lead shielding or quarantining the LAF cabinet until the radioactivity is sufficiently decayed).

(IAEA Human Health Campus)

Last modified: Sunday, 24 February 2019, 6:23 AM