Contents of this course


This course consists of four sections (total 2 credits):

1. Making your skills and competences visible

2. Towards working life

3. Entrepreneurship and

4. You are enough!

You should follow the schedule given to your group. Within the timeframe of the schedule your studies are self-paced.

Studies include learning tasks which help you to:

  • outline the skills you have acquired at different stages of your life
  • recognize your own personality traits and strengths. VIA Test will give you tips on your areas of strength, and the test will and support you in marketing your skills and mapping possible jobs.
  • consider and clarify the skills requirements of your industry
  • build up your own portfolio of competences
  • be trained to search for jobs
  • understand how promoting diversity , acceptance and appreciation are applied in the work community

Through the assignments, you will reflect on your own career. You will find clear instructions for each assignment in the study sections.


Councelling and a contact session

During the course you will be able to get support and guidance for your effort. For this study unit, we will arrange a contact session with the participants and the facilitator. The session will take place between sections 1 and 2.  The session will be organized either in a small group, as individual meetings or as a councelling session online.

Face-to-face meetings

In a face-to-face meeting, you can get personal guidance, and you can focus on your tasks and challenges. Your own active role in utilizing guidance is important. So feel free to contact guidance counselors, if reflection on your own does not take you far enough.


This course will be evaluated on the scale pass / to be supplemented. You can get personal feedback of the assignments. 

Course material

Take full advantage of the study materials. The links in this course are to support you in your transition to employment and working life. In the section "You are enough" you'll find useful information, links and tips about improving your study skills, advancing your studies and other possible open questions.

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