Two persons are making their skills visible.

What skills do I already have?
What are my strengths, what do I need to improve?
What are the things I enjoy most?
What feels strange or challenging to me?
What path has led me to this point?
What are my hopes and goals for my future career path?

Students often reflect on the above questions during their studies. You can see the future as an opportunity, but it also involves various choices and decisions that are not always easy to make.

For future career planning, it is important to be aware of your own interests, strengths and development needs. It is also necessary to identify changes and opportunities taking place in the labour markets. In this Taking Steps in my Career Path course you will develop your career planning skills. Career planning means

  • skills to search for information
  • improving self-assessment
  • readiness to monitor the situation in society and in the labour markets

The section Making your skills and competences visible leads you to the beginning of your career path by mapping your self-knowledge, skills and strengths (Assignments 1 and 2). After that, you will learn about the professional expertise in accordance with the goals of your degree program. You will also learn about creating and building up your personal brand in order to make your professional skills visible (Task 3).

The section includes three mandatory assignments and one optional assignment (portfolio plan).

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