Entrepreneurship as an alternative

Entrepreneurship includes creating something new, taking responsibility, driving things forward and getting results. Entrepreneurship is a person's inner state of mind. We live in a society where casual work is increasing and where many make a living by combining paid employment and entrepreneurship in some form. Entrepreneurship is also not a lifelong situation, but being an entrepreneur and working for another can vary depending on your life situation. This trend will only intensify in the future, and so it is important that we realize early in our studies that entrepreneurship may be a career option for many of us at some point in our working lives.

Internal and external entrepreneurship 

Internal entrepreneurship refers to the entrepreneurial activity as an employee in the service of another. Internal entrepreneurship is about how you work. An in-house entrepreneur is as committed, enthusiastic and proactive about his job as if he were working for his own company. Internal entrepreneurship often includes the freedom to decide for themselves and the responsibility for the results of the work.

Internal entrepreneurship does not mean that everyone is doing their job at maximum performance in time or spirit. Inner entrepreneurship means the right amount of work, the right kind of work, and the right attitude. Employee-to-employer quality thinking is disappearing as everyone benefits from a good team.

Internal entrepreneurship is not an attribute of the individual that some have and some do not. It's more of an attitude to work.

External entrepreneurship is what most entrepreneurs first think of, ie being an independent entrepreneur. External entrepreneurship is the individual's willingness to become self-employed. This may take the form of starting a new business or becoming an entrepreneur into an existing business, for example through a change of business ownership. External entrepreneurship is strongly linked to taking responsibility and taking risks.

Where can I get help setting up a business? 

Entrepreneurship can be practiced in many different ways. Traditional forms of company include company name, limited partnership, partnership, limited liability company and cooperative. In addition to these, a new form of "entrepreneurship" has become light entrepreneurship, where an individual can be entrepreneurial but outsource eg billing, accounting and tax reporting to an invoicing service company. When thinking about entrepreneurship, you might want to make a business plan that is like a business script. Advice on starting a business can be found in many organizations, such as Finnish Enterprise Agencies.

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